The Tudors

So my daughter is in Year 4 and they recently studied the Tudors.

I do enjoy the Tudors as a subject as Henry VIII was such a fascinating character! It’s great to extend their learning when you’re at home, and during the term we try and do activities that compliment their current subjects.

She started the subject just as I had recently finished the book - The Other Boleyn Girl. Not a book for kids, but worth a read to get a different view on Anne Boleyn and her sister.

I’ve not seen the film… but just incase you’re interested!

Some of the homework ideas we got involved in was researching facts on Henry VIII, creating a Tudor Rose etc. They also had a day at school dressed as Tudors. Dress up days at school often lead me to going onto Amazon or eBay to find the cheapest costume possible!

This time I didn’t but I did get inspiration from the sites. Luckily we had a semi formal dress (which was getting a bit short but it still worked!) and then adding one of my long sleeve tops underneath.

I then found an old alice band and attached a curve of card to make the ‘high head piece’ which was very fashionable in Tudor times. I then used an old saraong at the material and used good old safety pins.

If you don’t feel like making the effort though (I don’t often make my own to be honest) I’ve put a few examples in links below.

I don’t know whether you’ve come across Horrible Histories at all on TV, but it is fabulous. It teaches kids about history in a fun way that they remember it… and in the case of this clip below… recite it back again and again!

Just a couple of resources you might find useful when assisting with school homework. We found them useful!

Tudor Houses Facts & Worksheets

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