When the subject of Robots came up for my daughter in Year 2 - I must say I got very excited. You can have so much fun with the subject of Robots - junk modelling, role play and also playing with our Lego Boost!

”‘Don’t blame you,’ said Marvin and counted five hundred and ninety-seven thousand million sheep before falling asleep again a second later.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I could probably write a whole section on Lego Boost - it’s amazing. In summary though if you’re into Lego you’re going to love it. There are various ‘robots’ that you can build using the kit but you are guided through each step. There is an app which allows children to simply code using blocks, making the robot move, spin and yes… even blow raspberries! It’s all very similar to coding in Scratch which they use at school quite a lot.

Anyway… here is a link to buying one if you’re interested.

Robot Turtles is a fun game too. Players must give their robot turtles instructions on how to reach their destination. It helps children follow instructions and also with problem solving… how do I get around this obstacle? They have to plan ahead and get the order of things correct. If things go wrong they can shout ‘Bug!’ and then make a change. I found that when playing this game they do like to make mistakes just so they can shout ‘Bug!’


Below are a couple of videos that are really good in helping kids learn about robots…

Making a Robot

We were given a robot kit for Christmas - just in time for my youngest child’s subject - Robots! It was a lot of fun to make but a little bit fiddly for small kids to make. I think they say from 7 upwards.

It did look cool afterwards, and it is now in the classroom!

My youngest also made a junk robot at school. I think it was fondly named ‘Robo’. I just love the funny eyes and feather hair!

Have fun making your robot!

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